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  Side Mirror with Indicator Light, Eyelid, Front Grill, Foglight, Front Bumper V Lip  
  Mazda 3 LED Tail Lamp, LED 3rd Brakelight, RS Wing, Rear Bumper Reflector with LED  
  GT Wing & Roofvertex Fin  
  Mazda 3 front Grill (Netting Type), Front Bumper V Lip  
  AE2 Front Bumperr  
  Mazda Windscreen Spoiler & BMW Antenna  
  Mazda 3 LED Tail Lamp, Floating Spoiler  
  Mazda Spoiler with Rear Windscreen Spoiler, Rear Bumper LED Reflectorlight & LED 3rd Brake Light  
  Mazda 3 Hatchback Spoiler